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Level 18, 10 Eagle St, Brisbane QLD 4000

About Catapult

Catapult Partners is an independent corporate advisory and proprietary investment firm, dedicated to achieving client outcomes with our knowledge and experience of the corporate investment market.

Our ethos is to take a ‘fresh’ approach to the traditional corporate finance and private equity models.

Our Philosophy

  • Recognition that management and corporate culture are integral. The team is first and foremost. Culture needs to be well-defined with every party understanding the value proposition and how they contribute. We have access to a number of high profile operating partners who assist in deal assessment and provide strong management and cultural change support to our clients.
  • Recognition that management own the decision, not the advisors.
  • Superior utilisation of knowledge, connections, expertise and imagination in the relentless pursuit of our client’s interests.
  • Independent and aligned with client’s objectives. We have no affiliation with equity brokers, nor do we offer any products that would compromise our independence.
  • Integrity in everything that we do

Our independence is your advantage

We are free from conflicts of interest. This sets us apart from investment banks and stockbroking firms who treat companies as product opportunities. We do not offer any produces that would compromise our independence. You can be confident our priorities are clearly aligned with yours and that our advise is discreet, independent and impartial.

Trusted Advisor Status

A trusted advisor to us, means that we have the confidence from our clients to assist them to navigate transactions and provide strategic direction. We have achieved trusted advisor status with many of our clients and conducted multiple transactions for them. We measure our success by our long-term, mutually profitable relationships with our business partners. As evidence, we have advised three clients for over nine years, and two since inception.

Substantial Trade Sale and Acquisition Advice

We have substantial experience in advising clients on acquisitions and successfully executing these transactions.  As an investor ourselves, we also understand the disciplines necessary and key features required to make an investment. Catapult has conducted a number of complex trade sale processes, many of which have been cross border.

We will never close a deal if it disadvantages our client

Client outcomes are at the forefront of everything we do and we will not recommend a transaction that will disadvantage our client.  We have advised against closing on multiple occasions.